Honey Bee Necklace
Resin Honey Bee Necklace
Resin Honey Bee Necklace
Resin Honey Bee Necklace
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Resin Honey Bee Necklace

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This delightful honeybee appears to have landed in a delicious batch of (teal!) honey. Some ancient cultures believe the bee is a symbol of the sun, celebration, and community.  Celebrate your unique style with this beautiful bee necklace or give it to someone special for a wonderful celebration.
Colored resin is poured in to a 24k gold plated bezel and left to set for several hours. Once partially set, a metal honeybee is embedded into the resin, which then cures for several more hours until fully set. The pendant hangs beautifully on a 16” bead chain, plated in 24k gold.  
Pendant is approximately 1 inch around.
Each item is handmade with love and care in my studio in Colorado. Because these pendants are made by hand, each piece is one-of-a-kind and unique. The color of this necklace might vary slightly, due to the nature of how the color is mixed and the lighting at the time the picture was taken. Please allow 7 business days prior to your order shipping.
Your necklace will arrive in a white gift box, ready to wear or share with someone special.

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